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  • AckTao: teaches students to react to any situation through smart gaming.    

  • Aegis Rider: AR for motorcycle industry and racetrack.        

  • Agartha Labs: Web3 incubation platform for entrepreneurs to develop ideas.

  • Algorized: advanced UWB radar sensing tracks human presence even through buildings - video.

  • Allimb Sarl: products that revolutionize therapeutic exercise. 

  • Arbrea Labs: AR for plastic surgery – video.

  • Authena: eliminates counterfeiting, bridge between products and collectible NFT twin. 

  • AVAtronics: AI-enriched Wideband Active Noise Cancellation audio tech.

  • shoulder harness with autonomous technology to guide visually impaired.

  • Copresence: AI-based avatar video conferencing digitalizes participants for natural meetings.

  • Experify: connects shoppers with authentic product owners for real opinions.

  • GlobalM: video network technologies for sports/news/entertainment live broadcasting from app.

  • AI for video, audio, and text patterns for the recipes for successful entertainment scripts.

  • Lighthouse Tech: smart fashion eyewear frame detects obstacles for the blind - video.

  • Modulos: AI machine learns a data model’s performance for a data quality focus.

  • Nanoleq/Oxa Life: new wearable smart garment teaches users healthy breathing.

  • nobank: safe way to transact with digital assets on the Blockchain.

  • OstLoong: AR outdoor sports and ski goggles.

  • Scewo: only smart power wheelchair that drives on two wheels and climbs stairs - video.

  • Sedimentum: contactless fall detectors with automatic alarms enable seniors to live safely.

  • Superba AR: AR, Metaverse, web3, blockchain, and machine learning applications.

  • Virtuosis Artificial Intelligence: AI learns communication skills and mood by analyzing voice.

  • Weezy VR: first interactive VR app for travel.

  • Zoundream: translates baby cries and sounds to decipher baby’s needs.

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